30th of January 2019 11:36 AM Link
Very important day today. Nobody should suffer in silence #bellletstalk #bellletstalk2019
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24th of January 2019 02:53 PM Link
Excellent Investment or Live In Opportunity. 2 Bdrm/ 2 Bath + 1 parking space. New build. Occupancy date of April 15, 2019. $399,000. 275 Larch St., unit 305.

2 Years Free Maintenance And Management With Guaranteed Rent Of $1,775. Great Building For Professionals And Students Alike. Min Walk To Laurier And Waterloo Campuses.
Message image
17th of January 2019 05:09 PM Link
As @garyvee says “We are not born thinking we suck”. Which is both hilarious and true! Some of us think things internally about ourselves that we would never dream of saying to our worst enemies. It’s 2019 and you don’t suck! You ROCK 🤩, it may sound/feel weird but try a little self love this year! You are KILLING IT!
Message image
16th of January 2019 04:37 PM Link
Busy day around the office yesterday. Excited to be bringing 275 Larch St Waterloo to market. Extra happy for Cameron and Warren for the sale of their investment property! #youguysrock @ Waterloo, Ontario
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10th of January 2019 05:45 PM Link
Caption this photo! #tbt to our last Business Network Event. Why am I drinking while talking? Where am I looking? Why is there a slide with a cartoon dog? Who took this lovely photo? The answer to these crucial questions and much much more will take place at our next Business Networking Event on Feb 28/19. Message for details!
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6th of September 2018 04:08 PM Link
The Bank of Canada 🇨🇦 yesterday announced interest rates are holding... for now anyway. Interesting graph showing the historical rates.
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4th of September 2018 04:06 PM Link
New countertops and backsplash (which is coming along nicely) makes such a huge difference to the kitchen refresh! Almost ready for list ! Woot woot 👍. @ Newmarket, Ontario
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1st of September 2018 07:49 AM Link
24th of August 2018 06:08 PM Link
Looking for an amazing condo in downtown Aurora. Come by 15277 Yonge St Sat and Sun and check out the open house! Virtual tour link below
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23rd of August 2018 12:49 PM
Looking for current market statistics for your home area? Comment with your postal code and I will share 🙂
16th of August 2018 10:46 AM Link
Check out a sneak peak of a new listing in Aurora which will be coming to market any day now! What a fantastic job @mintconditionstaging has done getting this house ready for sale! Before and after pics to follow.
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2nd of August 2018 07:13 PM Link
Feeling so blessed to have such amazing clients. Thanks @jacquelynlankar & Sean for the amazing money tree 🌲 gift. Truly honoured! @ East Gwillimbury
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1st of August 2018 04:32 PM Link
Doing an initial staging walkthrough for a new listing coming to the market next month. Very excited to show everyone the afters in a few weeks time!
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1st of June 2018 05:27 PM Link
A special thank you to all who came out to our networking event last night. Had such a great time! Can’t wait for our next meeting in September!
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30th of May 2018 09:52 AM Link
28th of May 2018 08:09 AM Link
Attention business owners. We are having a networking event this Thursday at 7:15 pm at our office on Leslie St. in Newmarket. If you are interested in attending DM me. Looking forward to seeing you there!
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24th of May 2018 03:42 PM Link
#tbt to the Keller Williams Casino Night Award Show last month. Keep making me smile @morgsnmags 😘 @ Cardinal Golf Club
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21st of May 2018 10:54 AM Link
Happy #motivationmonday #longweekend addition! “Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” -Bhudda.

Always great to have an extra day to relax and reflect. Enjoy the extra day with friends and family!
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10th of March 2018 10:47 AM Link
Stair goals! Check out the amazing before an after on this staircase transformation by @michelleberwickdesign_ . I call it a ‘stairlift’ lol. My house looks like the second shot 🤦‍♂️. Will have to fix that up if we ever decide to sell. @ East Gwillimbury
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7th of March 2018 07:49 PM Link
Really excited to announce that the Macmartingroup is teaming up with !
All new listings will have room to bloom plant-power🌱🎋🌿🌸🌼🌵🌷💐🌹!
Stayed tuned to see what plants do for a house 🏡. Her shop is awesome ps and is a great follow on Instagram for all you 💐❤️’ers out there!
5th of March 2018 05:58 AM Link
Happy #motivationmondays everyone! I love posting these, especially today’s quote because everyone dreams. I have never thought 💭 not to dream because of a nightmare. The same should apply to life! We should never be afraid to dream, to succeed because of failure/ negative setback.

Thomas Edison, said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Henry Ford said “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing”. Failure should be our teacher not our undertaker. Whatever it is your thinking of doing today, next week, next year don’t let fear of failure stop you from pursuing your passion!

What is your favourite motivation quote about failure!? Would love to hear it! Have a great Monday everyone!
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4th of March 2018 02:11 PM Link
A few pics inside our Murrell Blvd listings. @ East Gwillimbury
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4th of March 2018 12:24 PM Link
Message image
3rd of March 2018 03:17 PM Link
Grabbing a coffee today with Amanda Shields, Owner of @mintconditionstaging . I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be offering a free staging consultation with Amanda’s team for all home selling appointments!

Also stay tuned for some collaborative home staging/selling tips coming from both of us in the near future as well! Can’t wait!
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1st of March 2018 07:11 PM Link
A special thank you to all who gave their feedback on the logo design! I really appreciated it. It was a tight race, but I’m pleased to announce we have a winner! What do you think?

Also replacing animated Drew (2nd photo) with the MacMartin Group logo in the top corner as well. I’m not sure why I went Emoji Drew originally 🤦‍♂️. Hope you guys like the switch! @ Keswick, Ontario
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