3rd of March 2018 04:17 PM Link
Grabbing a coffee today with Amanda Shields, Owner of @mintconditionstaging . I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be offering a free staging consultation with Amanda’s team for all home selling appointments!

Also stay tuned for some collaborative home staging/selling tips coming from both of us in the near future as well! Can’t wait!
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1st of March 2018 08:11 PM Link
A special thank you to all who gave their feedback on the logo design! I really appreciated it. It was a tight race, but I’m pleased to announce we have a winner! What do you think?

Also replacing animated Drew (2nd photo) with the MacMartin Group logo in the top corner as well. I’m not sure why I went Emoji Drew originally 🤦‍♂️. Hope you guys like the switch! @ Keswick, Ontario
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28th of February 2018 06:34 PM Link
When going through houses, I find that some clients have trouble seeing themselves in a beautiful home because of the paint colour or dated finishes. Take a look at the transformation this bathroom undergoes with designer👩‍🎨 @michelleberwickdesign_

Why not start looking at fixer uppers and hire a primo designer!?
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26th of February 2018 08:56 AM Link
This is Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon in 1999. Every company has to start somewhere, imagine where yours can go!?
As we transition from Drew MacMartin Real Estate to the MacMartin Group excited to see where the journey takes us! #motivationmonday #motivationmondays
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25th of February 2018 09:52 AM Link
Really liking the open concept kitchens in the new #hometownsharonvillage development. First house 🏠 i have listed here and they are nice 👍:) @ Sharon Village Homes & Living
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23rd of February 2018 10:18 AM Link
First draft of the new logos is back! My old logo (2nd photo 🤦‍♂️) needed an update! What do you guys think? Do we have any winners in the bunch?
Thanks @sean_maclean for putting these together!
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19th of February 2018 09:08 AM Link
Find you fuel ⛽️! Welcome to #motivationmonday or #makeitmonday Still deciding. What title do you like better? Photo cred to @thewealthproprietors & @hannalovholm these two photos really summarize my ‘why’. Why do I work so hard? I work hard because I want to see my wife and (future) kids on MY terms! Not before 9am & after 5. Not when I’m exhausted.

This is my fuel. I work to be free. Free from needing an employer to pay my bills. My Dad was an executive at a big company. He lost his job when I was 13 and our family felt it. I never want that to happen again. It is my fire 🔥, my fuel ⛽️ that drives me to keep hustling! It’s #familyday in ON Can 🇨🇦 today. It’s a reminder for me that I want to be free to make any day I want family day!
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17th of February 2018 03:05 PM Link
Excited to say this view is off the market! Congrats @brittriall & @riledup12 for leasing up your condo. So happy for you guys 👍👌🎊🎁🎈🎈
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15th of February 2018 05:45 PM Link
Tbt to the first time I ever sold a house! When I look at this photo a lot comes to mind:
1. The ‘clients’ in the photo are my sister and brother in-law. They took a chance on me when I had zero experience! I am forever greatful! Any house I have sold is because of them! My sis is also an amazing designer 👩‍🎨. Check her out @michelleberwickdesign_ .
2. I was so happy this day and really needed this ‘win’. One of my best friends passed away 2 weeks prior.
3. What’s the deal with my neck stubble? Did I think that was a good look 🤦‍♂️?
4. My eyes are barely open in this photo, my left eye especially. That is because I suffered two severe concussions 6 month’s prior. Concussions are terrible. It is so hard to think and work when you feel hungover 24/7 🤯🤒.

When I look at this photo I see someone who has overcome adversity and two people who helped me get there 🙂
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11th of February 2018 12:10 PM Link
Looking for a condo with a view. This unit @ 2181 Yonge Street (25th Floor) could be yours. Looking for renters now! Check out the virtual tour below: #yongeandeglington #condovithaview #rental #lease #toronto #realestate #toronto #apartment
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17th of January 2018 09:20 PM Link
Looking for a rental at Yonge and Eglinton? Look no further! Seconds walk to the subway station. Check out the virtual tour below.
12th of January 2018 08:54 AM Link
16th of December 2017 02:18 PM Link
Congrats Melissa! So happy for you! Held strong in a buyers market. Best part of the job!
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28th of November 2017 10:12 PM Link
Hmm. Will this disqualify 10% or will they search for mortgages from less secured sources (credit lenders).
19th of October 2017 06:30 AM Link
14th of October 2017 03:50 PM Link
14th of October 2017 03:48 PM Link
Open House tomorrow (Sunday) at 326 Marble Pl. in Newmarket @ 2pm. Cmon over and say hello! #openhouse #firsttimebuyers #house #houseforsale #townhouse #Newmarket
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16th of September 2017 06:27 AM Link
Attention Investors! Interesting blog article on why Hamilton is a great place to invest.
13th of September 2017 02:30 PM Link
Hell All! I will be competing in the Heroes Challenge team event to raise awareness and money for the Children's wish foundation this Friday. If you wish to help support making Averie (12)'s wish come true please follow the link below 🙂
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11th of September 2017 09:11 PM Link
Open House this Saturday (Sept 16) @ 326 Marble Pl in Newmarket (1-4pm). Come join me on the Patio, it gets great afternoon Sun 😎
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